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‘Seann Walsh World’ (Comedy Central) Review

Featuring the weirdest and most wonderful clips from cyberspace, Seann Walsh World is another addition to Comedy Central’s raft of new, home-grown shows, which include Threesome, The Alternative Comedy Experience and Big Bad World, which is due to begin later this year and also stars Seann.


To be honest, this show needs little explanation: it’s a showcase of online clips, interspersed with some stand-up and sketches to accompany them. In effect, it’s Russell Howard’s Good News without the topical element, and a bit of Rude Tube thrown in for good measure. It doesn’t have a fancy set or graphics – the sketches even seem to be have been shot on a low budget – but it is a very funny and entertaining show.

Of course, with shows like this, a lot of the comedy derives from the clips – the rest comes from the presenter adding some witticism or observation to enhance it. Thankfully, both Seann and the clips in this show are brilliant, ranging from the cute to the painful and the generally odd. Granted, we may have seen some of them before (the squirrel leaping out of a window and the forklift driver crashing into a shelf, with disastrous consequences, were all familiar) but Seann’s interjections give a fresh feel to them.


Despite the host’s greatness, however, the real star of the series looks set to be Sam Sadler: the self-titled ‘Pussy Maaaaan’ who films YouTube videos for his ‘sexy pussy magnets and tiger tamers and shaggable muffin monsters’ whilst drinking possibly the most miniscule can of Pepsi Max that I have ever seen.

Seann introduces Sam at the end of the first episode as his ‘sixteen-year-old advice guru for the important things in life’ and goes on to mock the vlogger’s cringeworthy relationship advice by putting it into practice with a member of the audience. The results are excellent but he just about steers clear of seeming in any way malicious towards Sam. In fact, I know that there’s no malice involved as Sam will appear in person later in the series – and will sing. Now I’ve heard his rendition of The Script’s ‘Hall of Fame’, so I’m expecting something musically unimpressive but comically fantastic.

I haven’t really worked out yet whether Sam honestly thinks he is dispensing vital advice or is just having a bit of a laugh. I assume it’s the latter. I hope it’s the latter.


In a way, it’s a shame that Seann Walsh World is tucked away on Comedy Central, as either people won’t have cable or satellite TV or those who do will stupidly think that it mustn’t be worth a watch because it hasn’t been made by a terrestrial channel. Let me tell you that it is worth watching – for the sight of Seann Walsh doing ‘the toilet roll walk’, if nothing else!

Seann Walsh World is on Tuesdays at 10:00pm on Comedy Central

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