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This Week in TV – 14th – 20th September

Here I provide a comprehensive list of the best of the coming week’s TV – from a tribute to broadcasting royalty to an interview with actual royalty. Oh, and a few comedy bits thrown in too.

Saturday 14th September

I Love My Country

BBC1, 7:10pm

This patriotic panel show began with very few fans (my and Metro‘s reviews are the only positive ones that I know about!) but I think people have warmed to it as the weeks have passed and realised that it’s not to be taken too seriously: it’s just a bit of fun. And if Ian Hyland’s mind can be changed, anyone’s can!

If you haven’t had the chance to see it yet, the basic premise is that Gabby Logan oversees a series of light-hearted, often odd games which test the celebrity teams’ (captained by Micky Flanagan and Frank Skinner) knowledge of all things Britain, from geography to history and popular culture. Each team has a group of loyal supporters in the audience who, if they win, walk away with an I Love My Country commemorative plate. Wooh!

The panellists this week are Dan Walker, Kate Humble, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Edith Bowman, Rebecca Adlington and Tyger Drew-Honey.

Also today: Tess Daly and Ronan Keating have fun on That Puppet Game Show (BBC1, 5:20pm); there’s a Pointless Celebrities sportspeople special (BBC1, 6:20pm); Cilla Black and Holly Willoughby (or Willoughbooby) join Dave and Keith for a few rounds of Through the Keyhole (ITV, 9:00pm); films The Green Mile (ITV4, 10:10pm) and I Am Legend (ITV, 10:15pm); the inmates of Slade get stuck in a church in a classic Porridge (BBC2, 10:40pm); and James McAvoy stars in romantic film Starter for Ten (BBC2, 11:10pm).

Sunday 15th September

Prince William’s Passion: New Father, New Hope

ITV, 6:00pm

In his first television interview since the birth of his son George in July, the Duke of Cambridge discusses his passions in life – from his family to his work.

Recorded at Kensington Palace, this intimate interview will see Prince William talk in-depth about his joy surrounding becoming a father, his plans for his family and also his work with Tusk Trust, of which he is patron. The hour-long special will also include coverage of the Tusk Conservation Awards, held last Tuesday, at which the Duke and Duchess were guests of honour, making it their first public appearance after the birth of their son.

With the news of Prince William having left the military breaking this week, it is also possible that he will discuss his time with the forces.

Also today: Jonathan Edwards presents coverage of The Great North Run (BBC1, 9:30pm); Holly Willoughby returns with more Surprise Surprise (ITV, 7:00pm); it’s the last episodes of detective dramas What Remains (BBC1) and Vera (ITV) at 9:00pm; and comedy films Paul (Channel 4) and Did You Hear About the Morgans? (Channel 5) premiere at 9:00pm.

Monday 16th September

David Frost: Hello, Good Evening & Farewell

ITV, 10:35pm

Following the sad death of broadcasting legend Sir David Frost in August, ITV is screening this one-off show in tribute to him.

There are very few people in the entertainment industry with the influence and diverse experience that Sir David had. From the satire of This Was the Week That Was and The Frost Report (without which the names John Cleese and Ronnies Barker and Corbett may never have been known) to the groundbreaking journalism of The Nixon Interviews, there was barely an area of broadcasting that Sir David did not cover.

Still working right up until his death (he died on MS Queen Elizabeth ,where he was booked as a guest speaker), his absence will undoubtedly be noted in the world of television, as many viewers mourn for him on both sides of the Atlantic.

Also today: Claimed and Shamed returns (BBC1, 11:45am); James Martin’s Food Map of Britain begins in the south east (BBC2, 6:30pm); Storage Wars comes to ITV4 (8:00pm); The Fried Chicken Shop is back, this time for a full three-part series (Channel 4, 9:00pm); Celebrity Super Spa continues (Channel 5, 9:00pm); Fazer’s Urban Takeover sees the N-Dubz star perform with the BBC Symphony Orchestra (BBC3, 9:00pm); Bradley Walsh presents The Crime Thriller Club (ITV3, 9:00pm), celebrating the best crime novels and TV programmes; and get the chance to see Robert Webb and Olivia Colman – whichever you fancy – naked in comedy film Confetti (BBC1, 11:35pm).

Tuesday 17th September

Britain’s Broken Families

BBC1, 10:35pm

This one-off documentary follows the work of Newcastle’s Family Intervention Project, where staff work tirelessly to help families who are living in some of the most run-down and challenging areas.

It is the job of the many FIPs across the country to do what the police, social workers and many others have tried and failed to do: improve the lives of families. If they fail, the families stand a chance of losing their homes or children.

Cases featured in the programme include a woman whose fourteen-year-old daughter refuses to go to school, and whose house is frequented by gangs, and a mother whose two sons are being neglected.

Also today: One-off documentary Posh Pawn (Channel 4, 9:00pm); The Magaluf Weekender returns to ITV2 (9:00pm); Later Live…With Jools Holland is back (BBC2, 10:00pm); Crazy Beaches (ITV2, 10:00pm) follows holidaymakers in Malia; and Dave Gorman’s Modern Life is Goodish (Dave, 10:00pm) takes a witty look at how today’s Britain is ok – but could do with improving.

Wednesday 18th September

Father Figure

BBC1, 10:35pm

This new sitcom, written by and starring Irish stand-up Jason Byrne, focusing on a dad whose attempts to be the best often result in him being the worst.

Based on the radio show of the same name (which ran for just one series), the eponymous father figure is Tom Whyte (Byrne), who always throws himself into his household tasks with aplomb – but seldom succeeds. The eclectic mix of characters in the series are apparently based on Byrne’s own family and friends, and the situations in which Tom finds himself are taken from the writer’s life too. That’s quite worrying.

There’s also a host of comedy talent due to crop up in the series as well: Pauline McLynn (Father Ted), Karen Taylor (I’m Karen Taylor), comedian Michael Smiley and Peter Serafinowicz are just some of those who will appear.

Also today: Annie, Matt and Chris are back to fix some more consumer rights issues in Watchdog (BBC1, 8:00pm); Kieran Long and Piers Taylor present The House That £100K Built (BBC2, 8:00pm); Edwina Currie, John Barnes and Claire Richards prepare to cringe in Big Star’s Little Star (ITV, 8:00pm); The Three Day Nanny begins (Channel 4, 8:00pm); Animal Maternity (Channel 5, 8:00pm) follows the work of professionals who bring newborn animals into the world; Marianne Faithful is the subject of this week’s Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC1, 9:00pm); Professor Brian Cox presents Science Britannica (BBC2, 9:00pm); Rebecca Front narrates the story of twentieth century knitting in Fabric of Britain: Knitting’s Golden Age (BBC4, 9:00pm); The Last Leg comes to a close with Eddie Izzard joining Adam, Josh and Alex (Channel 4, 10:00pm); and, it’s where it all started for James Corden, The History Boys is on BBC1 at 11:45pm.

Thursday 14th September

The Wonder of Dogs

BBC2, 8:00pm

In this three-part series, Kate Humble and Steve Leonard will be joined by a team of canine experts to explore the innermost secrets of dogs – like what makes one breed so different to another?

In this first episode, historian Ruth Goodman visits Guisachan Estate in the Scottish Highlands, the ancestral home of the Golden Retriever, to meet some very pampered dogs and discover how far some animal-lovers are prepared to go to shower their pets with affection.

If ever you have been curious about the genetic make-up of dogs, and how certain brreds came to be, the answers may just lie in The Wonder of Dogs.

Also today: The Guilty concludes (ITV, 9:00pm); and crime comedy Burn After Reading is on ITV (10:35pm).

Friday 20th September

The Channel 4 80s Night

Channel 4, 8:00pm

For one night only, Channel 4 is taking a step back in time and filling its schedule with a whole host of retro goodness as they celebrate the 1980s. (Don’t tell anyone but all they’ve done is bring back Fifteen to One and jazzed up the Countdown and Chatty Man sets!)

So, as I’ve just mentioned, Fifteen to One is back for a special one-off episode at 8:00pm. There are a few changes for this revival, however: William G Stewart is out and The Last Leg’s Adam Hills is in, alongside the obligatory fifteen contestants – who this time are celebrities. Hoping to win thousands of pounds for charity, and take the title of Celebrity Fifteen to One Champion, is Jo Brand, Jonathan Ross, Dr Dawn Harper, Eamonn Holmes, Fern Britton, Konnie Huq, Stephen Mangan and, Adam’s Last Leg co-star, Alex Brooker – and that’s just a few of them!

Then, after Celebrity Fifteen to One, at 9:00pm there’s yet another 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (is it just me who now wishes they would get back to talking about the news and statistics?). As Sean Lock was absent for this recording, Lee Mack takes the role of team captain opposite Jon Richardson. Helping them out are Henning Wehn and David O’Doherty, with Vic Reeves in Dictionary Corner and Joe Wilkinson once again pestering Rachel Riley at the numbers and letters.

Chatty Man (10:00pm) is also getting a bit of an 80s feel injected into it, as the set is glammed up to welcome Jessie J and Matthew Fox.

Then finally 80s: Rewind The Tube looks back at the music show’s rise and fall at 11:05pm, with previous guests reliving their experiences on the show, and no doubt there’ll be talk of Jools Holland’s infamous ‘F’ bomb live on air.

It looks set to be a fun night of celebrations!

Also today: Bargain Hunt is back (BBC1, 12:15pm); Ronnie Corbett takes a sideways look at the nation’s obsession with animals in Ronnie’s Animal Crackers (BBC1, 7:30pm); The X Factor USA begins on ITV2 (8:00pm); David Attenborough’s Rise of Animals: Triumph of the Vertebrates begins (BBC2, 9:00pm); Piers Morgan’s Life Stories is back, with Julie Goodyear the first to take a grilling (ITV, 9:00pm); fly-on-the-wall documentary Hens Behaving Badly begins (Channel 5, 10:00pm); and Katherine Ryan and Josh Widdicombe make their debuts on QI (BBC2, 10:00pm).

Are you particularly looking forward to any of these shows or is there something else from the world of TV which you want to have your say about? Feel free to comment below or tweet me –@UKTVReviewer.


‘I Love My Country’ (BBC1) Review

Hosted by Gabby Logan, and with team captains Frank Skinner and Micky Flanagan, I Love My Country sets out to celebrate everything that makes Britain great by quizzing celebrity guests on subjects ranging from geography to history and popular culture.


Before this show even aired, it had come in for criticism. For some ridiculous reason, Frank Skinner recently had to defend his involvement and make it plain that the show is not an advert for UKIP. There were also allusions to David Walliams – the show’s original host – having had a lucky escape when he left to concentrate on his new sitcom and the Independent’s Adam Sherwin rebuked it, claiming, ‘[I Love My Country] is so thoroughly, idiotically inane, it could well be the worst entertainment offering that the corporation has yet dredged up for the edification of Saturday night viewers.’ Not exactly a glowing review.

Now, I have to admit, I was far too fixated by the Your Face Sounds Familiar final well, Matt Johnson, if I’m honest – to watch I Love My Country when it actually aired. However, among the Twitter users commending Xander Armstrong on his performance as SuBo and urging others to boycott #TwitterSilence, there was a smattering of people demanding to know how the BBC dared squander the licence fee payers’ money on the patriotic rubbish they saw on their screens. Mirror columnist Ian Hyland said that after watching I Love My Country he felt ‘more Irish than ever’ and The Sun’s Colin Robertson tweeted, ‘If anyone ever wondered why David Walliams pulled out of hosting I Love My Country, just turn on BBC1 right now.’


Before you read what I have to say about this show, please let me make it plain that I know I’m in a minority…

I really enjoyed it! When I gave the first episode of Your Face Sounds Familiar a favourable review, at a time when lots of others were branding it the worst  Saturday night show ever made, I said that I’m very wary of the current want to find high-brow, straightforward Saturday night entertainment. Nowadays, people don’t seem to want Splash! or Hole in the Wall. Instead, they’re crying out either for quiz shows such as In It to Win It or gripping dramas, like ITV’s The Americans. But what’s wrong with a bit of weekend fun on the telly? Yes, I Love My Country forces jollity upon its viewers, audience and participants, yes its running-time  should be halved, yes it’s an in-your-face, loud show – but so what? Don’t we need a bit of that? Don’t we need Susanna Reid identifying the theme tune to Challenge Anneka? Don’t we need Frank Skinner identifying Lickey End on a map of the British Isles, aided by a large Yorkshire pudding? I’d argue that we do.

Everyone on I Love My Country is brilliant. As the host, Gabby doesn’t just stand back and oversee proceedings, she gets involved and caught up in the moment, which is great to see – so many presenters nowadays refrain from joining in with the games on their shows, and therefore don’t come across as well as some of the other participants. Thankfully Gabby does, though. Then we have the very well-matched Frank Skinner and Micky Flanagan: they have a similar style, allowing them to bounce off each other throughout the programme. It also helps that they are presumably friends: for years, Frank has been saying in interviews that Micky is his favourite circuit performer – and was doing so at a time before the comic’s analyses of the intricacies of ‘out out’ and ‘the Cockney walk’ had entered the mainstream. Who’d have thought Jamelia would be a valuable asset to the show, as well? A favourite on programmes such as 8 Out of 10 Cats and Would I Lie to You?, Jamelia not only heads up the I Love My Country house band but also makes her mark on the show by interjecting during rounds, responding to something which one of the panellists has said and even bantering with Frank.

The guest panellists seem only to be there to exhibit their knowledge of Britain and its customs, and to provide Frank and Micky with opportunities to gently mock them. Casualty’s Charlotte Salt came in for a particular ribbing in the opening episode, with puns aplenty being made about her surname.


So I thought I Love My Country was fun and enjoyable. Those involved knew what sort of show they wanted to make and they succeeded with it, in my opinion. It was funny, it celebrated some of our British traditions and had all of the unabashed frivolity of a bloody good Saturday night vehicle. I think we can all agree that Frank Skinner and Gabby Logan should stop dancing though, right?

Images courtesy of BBC and Avalon. © Avalon

I Love My Country is on Saturdays at 7:30pm on BBC1

What did you think of I Love My Country? Do you agree or disagree with my review? Please comment below or tweet me – @UKTVReviewer.

You can also see my recommendations for the coming week’s TV on this blog, published every Saturday at midnight.

This Week in TV – 3rd – 9th August

Here I provide a comprehensive list of the best of the coming week’s TV – with time-travelling Doctors, life-saving doctors and age-fighting ones, too!

Saturday 3rd August

I Love My Country

BBC1, 7:30pm

I Love My Country will see host Gabby Logan be joined by team captains Micky Flanagan and Frank Skinner, panel show favourite Jamelia (how did that happen?!) and a long line of celebrity guests to 'I Love My Country' - BBC1, 7:30pmtest  their knowledge of all things British.

It appears that the show will be a little bit of Saturday night fun, light-heartedly celebrating all that is great about Britain. For example, in the first episode, the teams have to use a Yorkshire pudding to locate Peterborough on a map – and I’m looking forward to it! It’s not been without its fair share of criticism, though: for some ridiculous reason Frank Skinner recently had to defend I Love My Country and make it plain that it is not an advert for UKIP.

There are also hints that it might not be the fun-fest it purports, and I expected it, to be. David Walliams was the original host of the show – not Gabby Logan – but quit after recording the pilot to focus on his new sitcom, Big School (which begins 16th August). In addition to this, the Independent’s Adam Sherwin has rebuked it, claiming, ‘[I Love My Country] is so thoroughly, idiotically inane, it could well be the worst entertainment offering that the corporation has yet dredged up for the edification of Saturday night viewers.’ Not exactly a glowing review.

I really hope it works and people like it, though: after Epic Win and The Mad Bad Ad Show, Micky Flanagan can’t afford to have partaken in a hat-trick of game show turkeys.

Also today: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (ITV, 3:25pm); Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (BBC1, 5:35pm); the Your Face Sounds Familiar final (ITV, 7:30pm); X-Men (Channel 4, 8:00pm); More4 dedicates a night to composer and pianist, Frédéric Chopin from 8:00pm; Coronation Street stars Charlie Condou and Paula Lane compete on All Star Family Fortunes (ITV, 8:45pm); the premiere of 2010 hit, Kick-Ass (Channel 4, 10:00pm); and BBC2 remembers the late Mel Smith with a tribute show at 10:10pm, followed by Not Again: Not the Nine O’Clock News (10:45pm), telling the story of the hit 80s sketch series.

Sunday 4th August

Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor

BBC1, 7:00pm

Accompanied by the TARDIS, Daleks and a live studio audience, Zoe Ball will tonight announce who will replace Matt Smith and become the twelfth Doctor, with an exclusive first interview with the lucky actor – or actress.

Of course, every journalist and critic writing about this programme has no idea who the next person to play the Time Lord will be, so everything is purely speculation. At the time of writing, Paddy Power have evens odds on Daniel Rigby (off of the BT ads and Eric & Ernie) succeeding Matt Smith. I think that sounds likely! He’s not too obscure an actor for people not to recognise him, yet he also is not so well known that he is an obvious choice. Plus he’s a fantastic performer – both in comedies and dramas.

Some of the other actors being talked about are Peter Capaldi (5/2), Idris Elba (7/2) and Rory Kinnear (9/1), all of whom I think would also do well in the role – especially Idris, as he would of course be the first black Doctor. But then, it may also be a woman: Olivia Colman (22/1), Billie Piper (40/1), Jenna Louise Coleman (40/1) and Miranda Hart (66/1) are the hottest names at the moment but I think they’re just too well known – both in and out of Who circles – to be picked. And imagine Miranda in her WICTARDIS (What I Call Time and Relative…oh, you know the rest).

I’m sure whoever is chosen will attract a lot of criticism but, when the Whovians (or Wholigans, which I think is a far more apt name) get used to them, they’ll make the role their own. However, I’m sure it won’t be any of the following unlikely, but talked-about, names:

Chris Addison (16/1)

David Tennant (40/1) – surely that would just be an anti-climax?

Alan Davies (40/1)

James Corden (50/1) – ‘Doctor-laaa!’?

David Walliams (66/1)

Blake Harrison (80/1)

and my favourite unlikely contender: Scott Mills (250/1) – imagine Innuendo Bingo in the TARDIS!

Also today: Jim Carey stars in Liar Liar (ITV, 5:00pm); This Morning’s Mr & Mrs Holmes – Eamonn and Ruth – and Brian Dowling go up against each other in Tipping Point: Lucky Stars (ITV, 7:00pm); Ray Quinn, John Stapleton and Carrie and David Grant are on All Star Mr & Mrs (ITV, 8:00pm); one-off documentary, Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and Us (BBC2, 9:00pm); Rory Kinnear stars in new drama, Southcliffe (Channel 4, 9:00pm); and film favourite, Forrest Gump is on Channel 4 at 10:00pm.

Monday 5th August

Long Live Britain

BBC1, 9:00pm & 10:35pm

Does the title sound familiar? Well, Long Live Britain was originally scheduled to be broadcast on 22nd July, but the arrival of a baby – God knows whose! – meant that it has been postponed until now.

Dr Phil Hammond, Julia Bradbury and Phil Tufnell (pictured) are out'Long Live Britain' - BBC1, 9:00pm & 10:35pm to tackle and raise awareness for the three biggest killers: type two diabetes and liver and heart disease. These conditions affect around 1 in 8 people in the UK, but many are unaware that they have them. That’s why on 25th May this year, 50 nurses, a team of doctors and three of the UK’s leading health charities congregated in Manchester to carry out the largest-ever combined health screening.

Long Live Britain will reveal the results of this event, and also follow actors Ricky Grover, Crissy Rock and Jodie Prenger as they learn about the outcomes of their tests.

Also today: There’ll be lots of hesitation, repetition and deviation as last year’s televised series of Radio 4 hit Just a Minute comes to Gold (6:00pm); The Billion Dollar Wreck Hunt (Channel 5, 8:00pm) follows the work at Odyssey Marine Exploration; Victoria Coren Mitchell chairs the final of Only Connect (BBC4, 8:30pm); one-off documentary Rick Stein’s German Bite (BBC2, 9:00pm); Petrol Bombs & Peace: Welcome to Belfast (BBC3, 9:00pm) (I can’t imagine that catching on as the city slogan); thriller The Bourne Identity (ITV2, 9:00pm); Lucy Worsley explores the Royals’ bedrooms in Tales from the Royal Bedchamber (BBC4, 9:00pm); and horror film, Paranormal Activity (ITV2, 11:20pm).

Tuesday 6th August

Stephen Fry’s Key to the City

ITV, 9:00pm

He may be QI‘s resident brainbox but when Stephen Fry was awarded Freedom of the City, he had to admit that he wasn’t sure what it meant. However, in this documentary Stephen makes full use of  the privilege to explore London and uncover its hidden treasures.

Despite living just a few miles away from the City of London, Stephen claims that it feels like an alien place to him. Over the course of this hour-long documentary, though, the actor will gain access to the places that most of the City’s 8,000 residents could only dream of visiting. The opportunities awaiting Stephen include standing on the roof of Mansion House, sitting amongst billions of pounds in the heart of the Bank of England, walking down Dead Man’s Walk (the path previously trodden by the likes of Casanova and Dick Turpin) at the Old Bailey and even raising the Tower Bridge.

Stephen will meet octogenarian Doris, too. Having lived in the City of London all her life, she has now also been granted Freedom of the City, and when the pair realise that their status means they are allowed to drive sheep across the Tower Bridge, they begin to make plans – but will they actually do it?

Also today: Robert Pugh narrates A Summer in Wales (BBC2, 7:00pm); journalist Justin Rowlatt and his wife Bee move their family to Nuremberg in Make Me a German (BBC2, 9:00pm); Steve Coogan: Stand-Up Down Under (Sky Atlantic, 9:00pm) includes footage of the comedian’s 2009 tour of New Zealand and Australia; and thriller sequel Hannibal is on ITV3 at 10:00pm.

Wednesday 7th August

How Not to Get Old

Channel 4, 8:00pm

In this six-part series, WAG Louise Redknapp and The Sex Education Show’s Anna Richardson 'How Not to Get Old' - Channel 4, 8:00pminvestigate aging, from how and why it happens to what we can do to prevent it.

With so many anti-aging treatments out there, it’s difficult to know what works and what doesn’t. Fortunately, the How Not to Get Old team are here, showcasing the latest top surgical procedures and non-invasive products to help viewers fight those dreaded wrinkles.

In each episode, contributors will unite over their shared hatred of a particular body part and quest to improve it. However, one of them will opt to have surgery while the other will go for a non-invasive method of treatment – but which will be the most beneficial?

Also today: Matt and Alex present The One Show summer special from Weston-super-Mare (BBC1, 7:00pm); the brilliant You Saw Them Here First (ITV, 8:00pm) concludes; documentary series Nurses begins (Channel 5, 8:00pm); BBC3’s It’s a Mad World season continues with Inside My Mind (8:00pm); Minnie Driver is the focus of this week’s Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC1, 9:00pm); and BBC3’s The Call Centre gets a repeat run on BBC1 at 10:35pm.

Thursday 8th August

The Field of Blood

BBC1, 9:00pm

David Morrissey returns for the second series of The Field of Blood – adapted from Denise Mina’s'Field of Blood' - BBC1, 9:00pm  novel of the same name.

In tonight’s episode – the first of a two-part story – we see that Paddy (Jayd Johnson) has landed her dream job, but this may all be about to change when Maloney, the new editor in chief, arrives. Paddy’s work also meets further complication when she is called to a posh area of Glasgow, following a disturbance, and ends up exposing a brutal murder.

Concludes tomorrow night.

Also today: Jacques Peretti investigates the diet industry in The Men Who Made Us Thin (BBC2, 9:00pm); Fraud Squad (ITV, 9:00pm) follows detectives from the City of London police force; Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience (10:00pm) travels up the M4 and arrives on BBC2; Legally High (Channel 4, 10:00pm) looks at the popularity of legal drugs in Britain; documentary Chopin Changed My Life (Channel 4, 11:10pm); and film adaptation of Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird (ITV3, 12:10am).

Friday 9th August

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

Channel 4, 9:00pm

Who’d have thought that this fusion of two of Channel 4’s most popular shows would have worked so'8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown' - Channel 4, 9:00pm well? To think it just started off as part of the channel’s Mash-Up last year!

Playing the letters and numbers game tonight are, alongside Cats regulars Sean Lock and Jon Richardson, comedians Humphrey Ker and Sarah Millican. Meanwhile, Rich Hall helps Susie Dent out in Dictionary Corner and Joe Wilkinson once again gives Rachel a hand with the letters – in his own very unique way.

Also today: Mastermind returns (BBC2, 8:00pm); Sarah Millican: Chatterbox Live gets a welcome repeat (Channel 4, 10:00pm); and, ahead of the release of his new rom-com, About Time, at the end of the summer, Richard Curtis’s smash film adaptation, Bridget Jones’s Diary is on ITV at 10:35pm.

Are you particularly looking forward to any of these shows or is there something else from the world of TV which you want to have your say about? Feel free to comment below or tweet me –@UKTVReviewer.

Image credits: I Love My Country – Thanks to BBC, ©Avalon; Long Live Britain – Thanks to BBC and Maverick TV, ©Rachel Joseph; How Not to Get Old – Thanks to Channel 4 and Twenty Twenty; The Field of Blood – Thanks to Mark Mainz, ©BBC Scotland; 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown – Thanks to Channel 4, ITV Studios and Zeppotron.