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‘Boom Town’ (BBC3) Review

If, unlike me, you didn’t tune into BBC3 at 10pm tonight, you won’t have witnessed the Corporation add another item to its already very long list of troubles, as it blatantly flouted its promise to ‘inform, educate and entertain’, as it screened Boom Town. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to inform or educate – but a bit of entertainment wouldn’t have gone amiss.


I don’t know if you’re lucky enough to have forgotten Channel 4’s abysmal Kookyville last year. If you have, please forgive this reminder, which may just bring back bad memories: it was yet another ‘constructed reality’ series, except this was created with the specific aim of raising a few laughs. Unfortunately for all involved, the sight of a mother and daughter drooling over the sexual potential of a dwarf and the sound of a pensioner repeatedly dropping the F- and C-bombs into general chit-chat didn’t prove to be particularly amusing, and it never made it past the pilot.

Okay, now that I’ve reminded you, please eradicate Kookyville from your memory – it’s too late for me (it’s etched in there) but you might still be able to save yourself.

Now where was I? Oh yes, well, good old Auntie clearly decided to ignore the horror of Kookyville and create its own TOWIE rip-off (sorry, I of course mean TOWIE-inspired programme) but have the sole aim of making it funny by chucking in some true oddballs, so that we could all laugh at them and their utterances: ‘Look at the nerdy little trainspotter there – isn’t he a total saddo, eh?’ is probably what we would have heard if someone had been dragged in to narrate this car-crash.


Boom Town was one of those shows which I only watch until the end so that I can gauge how truly awful it is, and then write about it on this blog. The people included were neither entertaining to watch nor funny – which is surely a major flaw for a show which purports to be a comedy?

The team’s attempts to be humorous were so blatant it bordered on tragedy, like the producers were poking the actors (oops, sorry, ‘real people’) with sticks, urging them to say something bemusing, hoping that it would elicit laughter from the audience. And if Twitter is anything to go by – which I admit it seldom is – that plan didn’t work, as the performers’ bemusing words only led to…well, bemusement, as many people demanded to know what exactly ‘this Boom Town’ was. Then again, there were a few people who thought it was the funniest thing they had seen in ages. These people clearly never watch anything apart from BBC3 then…


Perhaps I’m just not Boom Town’s target audience. But perhaps that’s because I understand that it is a blatant violation of what comedy should be: almost anything but the drivel that BBC3 had the gall to not only squander money on but serve up to us and call entertainment.

If you dare watch it, Boom Town is on Wednesdays at 10:00pm on BBC3

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