‘Britain’s Got Talent’ 2014 – Semi-Final 5 Review

The last Britain’s Got Talent semi-final of this year brought us perhaps the most underwhelming line-up yet, but it also threw up a few surprises, with previously good acts receiving some criticism, and a couple of ‘novelty’ performers doing really rather well!

La Voix and The London Gay Big Band

Who’d have thought that with David Walliams and Yanis Marshall, Arnaud and Mehdi there, there’d be room for even more camp in the semi-finals? La Voix and The London Gay Big Band are not just a bundle of camp, though: they are in fact very talented musicians. La Voix is a particularly good show-woman as she held the audience in the palm of her hand. They might not have made it through to the Final but I’m sure they’ll have shifted an extra few tickets for their next shows.

Bailey McConnell

It was a shame that Bailey faced Paddy and Nico in the judges’ vote as he would have fitted in extremely well in the Final. His vocal and writing abilities are exceptional, so, as David said, I have no doubt that he will be making music professionally soon. Maybe the fact that James Smith – a performer of a similar age and with a similar voice – is already in the Final also acted against Bailey. If that was the case, it’s a shame as they are both genuinely, and equally, talented. I hope he has a great career ahead of him!

Kings & Queens

I’m with Simon. I really enjoyed Kings & Queens’s first audition but tonight I too thought that it was a mess and ultimately underwhelming. There was nothing in it to make them stand out from the crowd – except perhaps the Peter Andre segment and music changes, but even they didn’t work as well as perhaps they should have.

Peat Loaf & Elaine

‘Peat’ said in his VT that Meat Loaf is gobsmacked every time he sees him. The implication was that this was because of their striking resemblance but I wonder whether the great Michael Aday is actually just shocked to see his stalker again. Like Alesha, I just can’t get excited about Peat Loaf & Elaine; I’m bet that they’re entertaining in a club once you’ve had a few bevvies but on Britain’s Got Talent? I’m not so sure.

Andrew Derbyshire

I saw Andrew performing in Thriller Live at the Sunderland Empire last year and was really impressed with him even then. For some reason, I remembered him, so when I saw him audition for BGT, I was over the moon – and tonight I thought he was brilliant. Alesha, Amanda and Simon exhibited such an unnecessary lack of tact when giving their critiques. Yes, at some points, Andrew’s performance might have shown signs of weakness as he perhaps reached for notes which were beyond his capabilities but the judges surely could have pointed this out without being so terribly rude! I hope that their comments and him not getting through to the Final hasn’t dampened Andrew’s spirits too much. I wish him every bit of luck for the future.

Jenson Zhu

Jenson is without doubt one of the funniest acts I’ve seen on Britain’s Got Talent. Granted, his talent to make us laugh is unintentional, as his actual impressions are, to say the least, poor, but he was great entertainment and I think that the Final will be a more sombre affair without his presence.

Kieran Lai

Kieran’s initial audition was fantastic – he looked like he could be the next George Sampson (winner in 2008) and I couldn’t wait to discover what he had lined-up for the semi-final tonight. I, like Simon, was left very disappointed, though. His performance was quite disjointed and really failed to showcase the talent that the nation knows he has. I truly believe that if he had created a better routine, he’d have at least been in the top three tonight.

Paddy and Nico

If it wasn’t for the fact that Nico throws and spins Paddy around so violently and so often, they probably wouldn’t have got through to the semi-finals or caused the hype that they have. They are fantastic, though. The injury clearly held them back somewhat tonight but they still did considerably well, bearing in mind they only had twenty four hours to choreograph and rehearse the routine. I hope they come up with something even more spectacular in the Final!

Jack Pack

The music was as perfect as Alfie’s face. Jack Pack are such a breath of fresh air, mixing their youthful looks with swing music. Their voices are beautiful and I am sure that they will go far beyond the Final. Could we perhaps be looking at the next Overtones?


So, the Britain’s Got Talent 2014 finalists are:

Illusionist, Darcy Oake

Singers, Collabro

Singer, James Smith

Dancers, The Addict Initiative

Dancers, Yanis Marshall, Arnaud and Mehdi

Singer, Lucy Kay

Singers and songwriters, Bars & Melody

Violinist, Lettice Rowbotham

Singers, Jack Pack

Dancers, Paddy & Nico

Plus, of course, the Wildcard. My money’s on either Jon Clegg (impressionist) or Light Balance (futuristic dance act)


The Britain’s Got Talent 2014 Final is on ITV next Saturday (7th June) at 7:00pm

What did you think of tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent? Do you agree or disagree with my review or the judges? Feel free to comment below or tweet me about this or any other TV show –@UKTVReviewer


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