‘Britain’s Got Talent’ 2014 – Semi-Final 4 Review

Among the usual in-jokes between Ant & Dec and the judges, and Simon and Amanda’s tragic attempts at usurpation of David Walliams, a few examples of the talent that this great country of ours has to offer were squeezed in during tonight’s BGT. Here’smy opinion on them:

Innova Irish Dance Company

For some reason, I loved Innova Irish Dance Company’s first audition – and I wasn’t disappointed tonight. Simon’s so wrong: the girls don’t need a ‘lead’ dancer, they’re absolutely fine the way they are! The way that they bring Irish dancing to a contemporary audience with modern songs is ingenious! It’s a shame that they only just missed out on going through to the Final, but I’m sure that this exposure will do wonders for them.

Kieran and Sarah

Kieran and Sarah are undoubtedly fantastic singers and in my opinion, contrary to what Mr Cowell purports, are capable of being recording artists, rather than just ‘cruise ship singers’. I really didn’t like the staging tonight, though – I found it corny and thought it really undermined their talent, which was a shame.


Pyroterra present a spectacle when they perform, with their elaborate use of – as their name suggests – pyrotechnics, and don’t get me wrong: their talent really is impressive. However, to me, the act was just a bit disjointed tonight and I was ultimately left somewhat disappointed.


I just don’t get it. Of course, comedy is subjective and if Ant & Dec and the judges saw fit to rave about Toju, then that’s fine. Who am I to question their sense of humour? For me, though, his jokes were weak and crying out for cohesion, he addressed the judges far too often in an attempt to appeal to them and even his impressions weren’t strong enough to warrant his place in the Semi-Finals. I was hoping that he would make me laugh even slightly tonight but sadly he did not.

Eva Iglesias

Thankfully, we have now almost moved on from her tragic story of a love lost (read ‘last ditch attempt to get through her audition’) and we can focus on her amazing talent. The song that she sang tonight was perfect for her voice and she clearly wowed the judges and audience alike. Obviously, though, not enough to get through to the Final.

Light Balance

Debate may be rife as to whether or not acts from outside of the UK should be allowed to enter Britain’s Got Talent but there is surely no doubting that Light Balance are extraordinarily talented. The complex nature of their act, which leaves the audience (or me, at the very least) amazed is truly commendable. Sadly, their nationality may have caused them to fall at the final hurdle.

Allan Turner-Ward

Well Allan Turner-Ward might be something of a novelty act but I think that if Simon Cowell wanted, he could release that song tomorrow and make it a monster hit. Honestly. Well, ok, perhaps not ‘a monster hit’ but it certainly would be popular, I’m sure. Let’s face facts: there was no chance of Allan progressing into the Final but I’m sure it was nice for him to leave the confines of Radio Wimborne and get his fifteen minutes of fame.

Bars & Melody

These young lads have both huge likability and terrific talent. Their songwriting ability is to be admired and their stage presence is impressive too. It was evident from the audience’s reaction at their audition, when Simon chose them as his Golden Buzzer act, that Bars & Melody were, and still are, adored. I can’t wait to find out what the topic of their rap will be in the Final!

Lettice Rowbotham

Violinists’ answer to Stacey Solomon, Lettice is an incredibly creative and musical individual. I’m overjoyed that she’s through to the Final: she brings a ray of sunshine to proceedings while also managing to dazzle with her musical capabilities.

Tomorrow night is sadly BGT-free but on Saturday, the last, and seemingly weakest, of the semi-finals will consist of the following acts:

Musicians, La Voix & The London Gay Big Band

Singer, Andrew Derbyshire

Dancers, Kings & Queens

Singers, Peat Loaf & Elaine

Impressionist, Jenson Zhu

Musician, Bailey McConnell

Dancer, Kieran Lai

Singers, Jack Pack

Now, you may notice that there are only eight acts there. Sadly, Amanda’s Golden Buzzer act, Paddy and Nico, have had to pull out of the competition due to an injury.

Britain’s Got Talent is on at 7:30pm and 9:30pm, with Britain’s Got More Talent at 10:00pm, every day this week (exc. Friday)

What did you think of tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent? Do you agree or disagree with my review or the judges? Feel free to comment below or tweet me about this or any other TV show – @UKTVReviewer


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