‘Britain’s Got Talent’ 2014 – Semi Final 1 Review

Jubilation tonight as the brilliantly funny and entertaining Britain’s Got More Talent went live! Before we got to the real treat of Stephen Mulhern, though, we had to sit through the comparatively inferior Britain’s Got Talent – and it is that farce that is the basis for the proceeding review…


Simon was right – Countryvive’s performance tonight wasn’t at all as impressive as their audition. When we first saw them, they seemed fresh, bringing line and country dancing to a wider audience, but tonight faded into the background with acts like Jon Clegg and Darcy Oake also on the bill. In isolation, they’re very talented. Among other top talent in the semi-finals, though? I’m afraid they failed to stand out.

Micky Dumoulin

Micky would have done so well on X Factor, I’m sure. He has the ‘right’ appearance and a magnificent voice – which really suited his rendition of ‘Don’t You Worry Child’. He’s also incredibly likeable. In a similar way to Countryvive, though, I think that his fellow performers were better. Perhaps it was because a lot of them were variety acts? I don’t know.

Lauren and Terrell

How do you buzz children? Should you buzz children? It’s difficult, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong: Lauren and Torrell are brilliant dancers but I just wasn’t wowed by their performance tonight in the same way that I was by their audition. I thought it was a bit…disconnected. It didn’t flow. Like I said, though, they’re brilliant dancers.

Patsy May

This puppet (sorry, but she is) reminds me of another Patsy: Patsy Stone. Google her, kids! The judges were absolutely right; it would have been great to see Patsy demonstrate how funny she can be – but as her act was, I thought it was brilliant. There’s never been an act quite as individual as Patsy on Britain’s Got Talent and it’s just a shame that she appeared on such a strong night.

Henrietta Adewole

I thought Henrietta was great! I don’t quite know what Amanda meant by saying that her voice is “an acquired taste” – surely anyone can hear that she has a gorgeous voice? It’s a shame that Alesha and Amanda in particular didn’t seem to like Henrietta’s performance, as I think that that seriously hindered her chances of progressing to the Final.

Jon Clegg

I always love comedians on Britain’s Got Talent (well, except Toju – Ant and Dec’s golden buzzer act. I didn’t quite get that one) and Jon is no exception. I was surprised that he received a standing-ovation at the end of his performance, as the audience’s laughter during his three minutes seemed quite sparse, but that was probably just down to them not immediately identifying who he was impersonating. I just hope and pray that the judges pick him as their Wildcard when the Final comes.

Darcy Oake

Magicians frustrate me. How the hell did he do it? Darcy’s talent is just infuriating! How dare he be so clever as to be able to pull of a trick like that! Seriously though, there was never any question about him going through to the Final. It was just a given. I can’t wait to find out what he does a week on Saturday!

Christian Spridon

Wow. That was incredible! It was an awful vocal and gayer than Louie Spence in an Ab Fab cameo but my God, it was entertaining. Unsurprisingly, though, we’re not going to see him again. I’m sure the nation will get over it.


I remember when Collabro auditioned a few weeks ago and Eamonn Holmes said on This Morning that he didn’t know who their fanbase will be as they look like they should appeal to a younger audience but their style is more suited to the more mature viewer. I think that that’s what makes them so great, though; they’re unique, capable of successfully blending the old and the new and have amazing voices. Oh, and more importantly, they’re good-looking too. Well that’s what inspires me to vote, anyway.

On tomorrow night’s show, there’ll be:

Stunt display team, Bolddog FMX Team

Comedian, Ricky K

Dance group, Mini Moves

Singer/songwriter, Ed Drewett

Puppetry act, Kony Puppets

Singers, Sweetchix

Singer and guitarist, James Smith

Singer, Jodi Bird

Dance troupe, Addict Initiative

Britain’s Got Talent is on at 7:30pm and 9:30pm, with Britain’s Got More Talent at 10:00pm, every day this week (exc. Friday)

What did you think of tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent? Do you agree or disagree with my review or the judges? Feel free to comment below or tweet me about this or any other TV show – @UKTVReviewer


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