And the Twelfth Doctor Is…Peter Capaldi!

So it’s official: Peter Capaldi will next year replace Matt Smith and become the twelfth Doctor Who.


In a show which featured contributions from previous Who stars and famous fans such as Professors Stephen Hawking and Brian Cox, Peter Capaldi was revealed to the nation as the newest incarnation of the Gallifreyan Time Lord.

We had a bit of a wait, though! The tension was high, the rumours were rife but after 25 very long minutes it was confirmed. And I’m very happy for him! Peter is a fantastic actor, has been the favourite pretty much since Matt Smith’s departure was announced and I know will bring so much to the role. He excels not only as a comic performer but a dramatic one too – and that is exactly what is needed to play a popular, memorable and overall successful Doctor.

I also admire the decision to cast a slightly older actor to play the Time Lord. I mean, lots of people are getting carried away (where not exactly talking William Hartnell’s age here!) but it is relevant: let’s not forget that when Matt Smith was appointed, people were up in arms about his temerity to be under 30, and therefore the youngest Doctor ever. If we weren’t to have a female Doctor or a black Doctor, surely it’s best to have a quinquagenarian?



Now, I have to admit that when Who Live host Zoe Ball announced Peter’s name and we saw the man himself emerge from the darkness, it did feel a little anti-climactic. Despite what the odds were telling me, I was certain that he wouldn’t have been Matt Smith’s successor. In fact, I would have put money on it not being him! However, just minutes after it being revealed, I’m already used to it. And I know that I’ll love him as the eponymous time-traveller.

Peter’s new role appears to be going down well with the Whovians, too! Tweets such as ‘Dear Peter Capaldi, the fandom welcomes you’ were commonplace – and those who rubbished the choice were invariably given a Malcom Tucker-style telling-off. But I couldn’t possibly repeat it here!


So I’m happy, the die-hard Who fans are happy and I’m sure life-long of the show Peter is, too! Finally he’s been given a role where the only F- and C-words he’ll be uttering are ‘the future’ and ‘Cybermen’.


Image courtesy of BBC and Rankin. ©Rankin

What do YOU think of Peter’s appointment? Are you pleased? Are you disappointed? Will you be watching when he steps into the TARDIS next year? Please comment below or tweet me – @UKTVReviewer.


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