‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – Semi-Final 5 Review

The final Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Final brought us a mixture of the borderline insane, the mildly talented and the absolutely sensational.

CEO Dancers
I like this trio of African dancers but their act is slightly boring. There weren’t any particularly impressive moves during their routine and once you’ve seen one hip thrust you tend to have seen them all. They’re talented, though – there’s no question about that.

Aliki Chrysochou
Aliki’s was one of my favourite auditions and this was one of my favourite Semi-Final performances. She has an astounding voice – one which could rival that of Katherine Jenkins. Her back story is so inspiring and emotional, it only adds to her charm. Aliki had tough competition tonight, but I’m sure she doesn’t need Britain’s Got Talent to ensure her success.

Another messy and boring dance act. I hardly remembered the Glambassadors from the auditions and I doubt I’ll remember them from now. Sorry.

Steve Hewlett
This is exactly what BGT needs: a bit of variety! Steve is a brilliantly funny and talented ventriloquist. The leering, seedy Arthur Lager (Steve’s first puppet) was hilarious, with Steve bringing him to life with a beautifully honed script. However, when ‘Simon’ materialised, that is when Steve’s chances of progressing to the Final increased tenfold. I just loved it and, although I also liked Jordan O’Keefe, am really disappointed that he didn’t make it through to the Final. It’s a shame that there aren’t more platforms for ventriloquists on TV.

Rob’s Duelling Painos
In the words of Simon Cowell: What the bloody hell was that? Bless Rob for soldiering on after his friend deserted him, but it was rubbish, wasn’t it?

Maarty Broekman
Do talent show contestants still undergo mental health checks? Just wondering…
This crazy ‘un impressed 75% of the judging panel at his audition – and it was the same in the Semi-Finals. It was so unbelievably crazy, out of tune and…just bloody weird! I also think it’s amazing how the negative comments get lost in translation with Maarty, yet he understands the praise perfectly. I’ll have what he’s having!

Gospel Singers Incognito
I loved Gospel Singers Incognito’s audition, so was looking forward to tonight’s performance from them. The things is, though, regardless of how good their vocals are (and they are very good), the surprise element – which is the main reason, dare I say it, that they got through – was gone, and we were consequently left with a somewhat forgettable performance.

Jordan O’Keefe
Jordan took a huge risk singing Whitney’s (or, according to Amanda, Dolly’s) ‘I Will Always Love You’, but it paid off. It wasn’t as impressive as it could have been – there are lots of opportunities to experiment with that song and use it to showcase your vocal range – but his acoustic version was very original and enjoyable. I’m glad that he proved his father’s intervention to be unwarranted.

Attraction’s audition, in which they presented the story of a soldier – from his youth to his early death in conflict, was undoubtedly my favourite of the whole series. I found it so moving and original and was overjoyed that shadow theatre had finally been given the opportunity to reach a wider audience. In their Semi-Final performance, the last of the night, they told the story of one of the group’s male members. The performance, which was dedicated to his mum, was incredibly moving, beautiful and original. It doesn’t matter a single bit that they aren’t from Britain, the point is that they are talented and our version of the Got Talent format has acted as their vehicle. I might have written a lengthy review here, but after their performance, I was stuck for words. It was just gorgeous. Along with Francine Lewis, Attraction are my favourites for the £250,000 prize.

The full line-up for next Saturday’s Final is this:

Richard & Adam (Singers)
Arisxandra (Singer)
Jack Carroll (Comedian)
Gabz Gardiner (Singer)
Luminites (Singers)
Pre Skool (Dancers)
Francine Lewis (Impressionist)
Asanda Jezile (Singer)
Attraction (Shadow Theatre Company)
Jordan O’Keefe (Singer)
PLUS the judges’ Wild Card choice!

Britain’s Got Talent Live Final is on at 7:30pm, with Britain’s Got More Talent at 10:00pm, next Saturday (8th June).

What did you think of tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent? Do you agree or disagree with my review or the judges’ comments? Feel free to comment below or tweet me about this or any other TV show – @UKTVReviewer

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Thank you.


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