‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – Semi-Final 4 Review

It was pointed out many times during the show, but the fourth Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Final was possibly the toughest yet, with a brilliant array of very worthwhile talent. Here are my thoughts on it:

Club Town Freaks
I bet even Lady GaGa watched that and said, ‘Well that’s a bit much, pet!’ Well, she would have said that if she was from Sunderland.
My mam and dad were baffled by the Club Town Freaks but, like the judges, I thought they were very good – if a little odd. And they dealt well with the ‘technical hitch’ well, too.

Alex Keirl
Alex’s performance of Roberta Flack’s ‘First Time I Saw Your Face’ showcased his excellent vocal range; I completely disagree with Simon, I think he actually does have the potential to be a star and I hope someone in the industry decides to make use of his talent. It was inevitable that the judges were going to pick Asanda over him, though.

They are good, but their performance didn’t stand out from the crowd. When you consider even the younger dance groups in the competition, like Pre Skool or Youth Creation, Shockarellas pale into insignificance. They just didn’t impress me.

Poppin’ Ron
We haven’t heard many sob stories in this series of BGT, so I’ll let Poppin’ Ron’s go. To be frank, I wasn’t particularly surprised that Simon buzzed him and I understand his boredom and confusion surrounding the performance. I do however also understand the passion and importance of the dance to Ron, so I’m not going to condemn him as much as I would if it was another performer and I’m pleased that the show has given him a platform to present his talent and tell his story.

James More
James claimed that he wants to ‘bring magic into the twenty-first century’- as if Dynamo, Ben Earl and Lee Goodwin aren’t already doing that. I think it’s safe to say that James is in the same league as those magicians. That trick was absolutely amazing! Magicians on Britain’s Got Talent have seldom been successful (naming no names, Stevie Pink) but I really hope that James has put an end to that. I just loved his act!

Chasing the Dream
I quite like Chasing the Dream’s unique way of promoting their musical of the same name. The cheesy lyrics and jazz hands were very typical of West End productions but it was still a very enjoyable performance, even if we didn’t completely understand how the song fits in with the plot.

Francine Lewis
Francine is my winner, and the only act I have actually voted for this week. I absolutely loved her in Very Important People on Channel 4 last year and I simply adored her Semi-Final performance. Simon was completely right: she somehow managed to better her audition tonight and it is both her script and her spot-on impersonations which make her such a talent. There are so many good impressionists out there (Culshaw & Stephenson, Morgana Robinson, Terry Mynott, etc.) and Francine has just added herself to that elite. I really hope she gets the opportunity to perform outside of the competition in other programmes, because she undoubtedly deserves it. For the time being, though, I wish her all the luck for next Saturday’s Final.

Asanda Jezile
Asanda has a sensational voice and sensational confidence. There really is very little to say about her: she’s just on the road to being a huge star – that’s if she’s not there already.

AJ & Chloe
AJ & Chloe aren’t as quick or, dare I say it, captivating as Martin & Marielle (who performed earlier this week) but they are still very talented. The hard work which the pair put into their performance is palpable, as is the chemistry between them. Their Latin routine was impressive but…there was just something absent from it.

Here’s the line-up for tomorrow, the last Semi-Final:

Maarty Broekman (Singer)
CEO Dancers
Aliki Chrysochou (Singer)
The Glambassadors (Dancers)
Jordan O Keeffe (Singer)
Steve Hewlett (Ventriloquist)
Gospel Singers Incognito
Rob’s Duelling Pianos
Attraction (Shadow Theatre Company)

Britain’s Got Talent is on at 7:00pm and 9:30pm tomorrow, with Britain’s Got More Talent at 10:00pm.

What did you think of tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent? Do you agree or disagree with my review or the judges’ comments? Feel free to comment below or tweet me about this or any other TV show – @UKTVReviewer

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Thank you.


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