‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – Semi-Final 3 Review

After a break of one day, which brought accusations of replica judges and over-exposure of J-Lo’s arse, Britain’s Got Talent returned tonight for the third Semi-Final of 2013.

Freelusion are undoubtedly talented graphic designers, but it was quite boring. It just seemed like a quartet prancing around in front of a screen which was showing a comic strip. I appreciate their abilities but, despite being unique, the act doesn’t fit in with BGT.

Robbie Kennedy
What a fantastic voice Robbie has. The song, Bryan Adams’s ‘(Everything I Do) I Do For You’, was perfect for him (contrary to what Simon said) and he delivered a beautiful performance. I’m gutted that he isn’t through to the Final. I can only assume that the public thought that he was safe, and therefore didn’t vote for him…

Stevie Pink
You look at Stevie and immediately think that it must be terrible – and tonight it was. The damp squib pay-off in no way compensated for the laborious build-up, and Stevie ruined the good reputation he had after his impressive audition. But then Meat Diva was impressive compared to that car crash!

Pre Skool
These young school (or ‘skool’) kids from Port Talbot are superb dancers. The speed of their choreography, and amount of it, was impressively executed, considering their age. It was just so enjoyable!

Thomas Bounce
It wasn’t quite as bad as Stevie, but it was still quite boring. Sorry. Thomas seems really nice and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do what he did, but once you’ve seen ten seconds of it, you’ve seen two minutes. Oh, and I thought David Walliams ran a risk by commending Thomas’s balls. Let’s hope Sally Bercow wasn’t online to pass comment, eh?

Rosie O’Sullivan
Rosie looked and sounded astounding tonight. I was so shocked and disappointed that she didn’t make it through to the Final – but I am sure she will go on to become successful in the music industry.

Joseph Hall
I was mesmerised by Joseph’s routine. I doubt many people would have remembered him from the audition, so his performance was all the more enjoyable because we had few preconceptions. It was just brilliant in every way – I couldn’t pick between him and Pre Skool, so I thought it was only right that it was taken to the public vote.

MC Boy
Aw well MC Boy is just having a bit of fun, isn’t he? ‘I Need You Tonight’ is hardly likely to trouble the Top Ten but it was enjoyable to watch – and the song is almost as catchy as Gabz’s ‘The One’.

The chemistry between this foursome is palpable and their voices are excellent. To be honest, I am baffled as to why they decided against entering X Factor, but Simon Cowell has got them under his spell either way, so I look forward to hearing more from them.

Here’s Friday’s very strong line-up:

Francine Lewis (Impressionist)
Club Town Freaks (Singers)
James More (Illusionist)
Poppin’ Ron (Dancer)
Chasing the Dream (Singers)
Shockarellas (Dancers)
Alex Keirl (Singer)
AJ & Chloe (Dancers)
Asanda Jezile (Singer)

Britain’s Got Talent is on at 7:30pm and 9:30pm, with Britain’s Got More Talent at 10:00pm, every day this week.

What did you think of tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent? Do you agree or disagree with my review or the judges’ comments? Feel free to comment below or tweet me about this or any other TV show – @UKTVReviewer

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Alex is seventeen-years-old and a fellow student of mine at Sunderland College. She has a very rare bone tumour, called chondrosarcoma, which is growing around her brain and has already affected her eyesight and hormone levels, meaning she will have to rely on HRT for the rest of her life.

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You can join the ‘Action 4 Alex’ campaign on Facebook or go directly to her auntie’s Go Fund Me page to donate.

Thank you.


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