‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – Semi-Final 1 Review

As well as a concoction of the good, the bad and the…well, you know, the first Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Final brought us an abundance of camp, digs at Sir Brucie and, astoundingly, the sound of just one buzzer

Martin Healey
Who remembers the Dancing Priest from Father Ted? Well look him up on YouTube, and you’ll understand that it’s an adequate description of Martin Healey, who unbelievably made it through to the Semi-Finals by dancing with a broom stick in make-up and a habit. However, even more unbelievable was the realisation that Martin really can dance – and the fact that Simon didn’t buzz!

Band of Voices
Joined by a new member, Band of Voices brought their trademark a cappella style to the Semi-Final and sang ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, which somehow managed to be even more catchy than the original and helped them deliver an even better performance than that in their audition. They really are a fantastic act, and perfect to fill the gap in the market which Amanda mentioned – I’ve no doubt that they, like Loveable Rogues from last year, will have their single out within twelve months.

Youth Creation
Since Diversity – or possibly even since George Sampson – Britain’s Got Talent has been inundated with dance troupes, and we’re now so used to seeing them that I tend to switch off when they perform. Youth Creation, however, grabbed my attention tonight with their quirky routine, unbelievable cuteness and general greatness. I hate myself for employing such a lazy cliche but I agree with Simon Cowell: I didn’t like it…I loved it!

Not to be confused with X Factor‘s Union J, J-Unity began their performance somewhat messily, with the vocals, guitar and backing track all getting mixed up in each other. They soon pulled it back though, and delivered quite a good rendition of Olly Murs’s ‘Troublemaker’. Just like with their audition however, it wasn’t particularly memorable.

Bosom Buddies
You can criticise them as much as you like, but Bosom Buddies are very good singers. The fact of the matter is, Simon doesn’t like the act purely because Mark and Stuart are dressed as women – their voices are incredible and if they actually were women, or simply dressed in their normal clothes, I’m sure he wouldn’t have buzzed! It’s quite odd to think that the man who signed up the Teletubbies to produce a record thinks that Bosom Buddies are weird…

Philip Green
I absolutely agree with Amanda: Philip’s better when he doesn’t have a script to stick to. As himself, he’s very funny and will definitely have a career as a showbiz reporter on Daybreak or This Morning. His impressions, however, are quite weak – as proven by the fact that he did all of the same voices from his audition. So, impressions aside, Phillip is incredibly likeable and has a great career ahead of him (watch out, Rylan) but he should perhaps keep the impressions for his friends and family.

What an incredible talent Arisxandra has. Alesha was spot-on: she truly belted out that song and the confidence and maturity with which she performs is exceptional. I look forward to hearing the news of her exclusive contract with SyCo, and her debut album hitting the shelves at Christmas.

Aaron Crowe
God I was so nervous – I can’t begin to imagine how Dec felt with the apple positioned on his head and an arrow aiming for it. Now Aaron is a true showman and the fact that he refrains from speaking is brilliant and adds to the mystery surrounding both his act and himself as a performer. Let’s be honest though: it wasn’t as good as the audition. There’s no way anyone in the audience, both in the studio and at home, would have been able to do that, but it paled into insignificance in comparison to his audition.

Richard & Adam
What astounding voices these sandwich making brothers from Holywell have. And what a crazy nan, too! Although she didn’t seem too impressed with the accusation that she’d had an affair with Dec, did she? Anyway, back to Richard and Adam. They’re fantastic and it was absolutely no surprise that they got through to next Saturday’s Final – I can’t wait to hear them again.

Tomorrow night’s show looks set to be even more entertaining and difficult to call than tonight’s. These are the acts who will be performing:

Meat Diva (Singers)
Jack & Cormac (Singers)
MD Dancers (Dance Troupe)
Gabz Gardiner (Singer)
McKnasty (Musician)
Modupé Obafola (Singer)
Jack Carroll (Comedian)
Martin & Marielle (Dancers)
Alice Fredenham (Singer)

Britain’s Got Talent is on at 7:30pm and 9:30pm, with Britain’s Got More Talent at 10:00pm, every day this week (exc. Wednesday)

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2 thoughts on “‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – Semi-Final 1 Review

  1. mark wood says:

    hey there mark here from bosom buddies . i only just found this review and want to thank you for your kind words regarding our act.

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