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‘Full English’ – Episode 1.1

Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, American Dad – the list of American cartoon sitcoms goes on and on! Now us Brits have got in on the act with Channel 4’s Full English.


I was quite looking forward to the show as, unlike the majority of my friends, I am not particular interested in series such as the aforemetioned. However, that’s not due to the cartoon genre: I just don’t find American humour…humorous. Therefore, nor do I like The Big Bang Theory or – and I may be about to commit career suicide here – Friends.

If you’re too outraged at and disgusted with me to be able to carry on reading, I completely understand.


Anyway, I digress. Back to Full English. I was quite interested to see whether the British sense of humour would suit animation.

My conclusion is that our humour does suit. However, I have also concluded that Full English doesn’t include much of it.

It just seemed a bit of a damp squib, if I’m perfectly honest. We saw the daughter of the family – a fat emo – audition for Britain’s Got Talent, with disastrous consequences. Disastrous, that is, until she tells the producers that her parents have died – at which point, she is invited back to the show and progresses to the final, but then reveals the truth (that her parents are in fact alive) and is disqulaified from the competition.

The aim of this plot was clearly to satirise the nation’s love for talent show sob stories, as well as Simon Cowell’s slight effeminacy. The trouble is, subtlety went out of the window and the scriptwriters went all-out to mock BGT, seemingly just in case we were thick and didn’t know a satire when we saw one. In fact, the only saving grace of this storyline was the impressive graphics it treated us to, with an instantly recognisable Cowell and Jeremy Kyle. Sadly, though, they were just impressive – not particularly funny. Which is a shame for a ‘comedy’.


On a more positive note, I did enjoy the scenes in which we saw the parents of the family, Edgar and Wendy, on holiday for their wedding anniversary in Wales. In particular (and I’ll try to put this as delicately as I can – and also in a way which doesn’t make me seem odd), I thought the scenes involving fellatio were entertaining…in a comedic way, of course! Richard (no I will not take the easy option and call him ‘Dick’) Ayoade’s inimitable tone made those scenes a joy to watch, too.

So, despite some relief from the holiday scenes, I wasn’t wholly impressed by this opening episode. On the other hand, I do like to give comedies a second chance, so it’s likely that I’ll watch the next episode – but I’m not particularly hopeful for improvement.

Full English is on Channel 4, Mondays at 10pm

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