‘The Rob Brydon Show’ – Episode 3.4

Boyzone’s Ronan Keating, comedian Jason Manford and actor Neil Morrissey joined Rob on the show this week.


I sort of expected this episode to be one of the best but there wasn’t a lot in it and nothing much worth reporting. It wasn’t boring, it just wasn’t hilarious.

There were, however, some highlights. Rob’s interaction with the audience remained a favourite as he commented quite a few times on a woman called Tracey, who sat and laughed extremely loudly at anything he said at all. In Rob’s own words, she “cackled like a mad witch”. Maybe Rob should have booked her instead of the guests we got!

My second – and, I have to say, final – highlight was Rob cheekily asking Ronan Keating if he had any idea why Louis Walsh picked the name Boyzone… It was perfectly timed on Rob’s part, the raising of his eyebrow only added to the humour – it was quintessential Brydon, just as we see many times on Would I Lie To You but, unfortunately, not so often on The Rob Brydon Show.


I’ve said it in every review I’ve written about this show since this year’s series began a few weeks ago – it’s good but it’s not great. It doesn’t exactly stand out in the chat show field but it can hold its own. In fact, the word I’d use to describe it is ‘safe’. It certainly doesn’t take many risks, that’s for sure! Rob’s not on par with those of Wossy or Norton – or even Carr – but it’s a good enough vehicle for him and quite enjoyable to watch.


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