‘Celebrity Juice’ – Episode 8.2

Celebrity Juice is one of those shows which is quite difficult to review. Just like The Rob Brydon Show and Mount Pleasant, it’s best just to sit back and enjoy it, not be analytical and pick out everything in it – good or bad.


I thought last week’s episode was great, but this was even better! TOWIE‘s Arg, The Inbetweeners‘ Charlotte Hinchcliff (actress Emily Atack), singer Newton Faulkner and comedian Jason Manford joined in the fun this week and there were many, many highlights for me. Almost from start-to-finish it was non-stop hilarity, so I’ve simply picked out three of my best bits from this week’s episode:

Keith Calling Fearne a “Fat Bastard”

When I write it, it doesn’t seem funny. However, when you watch Keith Lemon telling the pregnant Fearne Cotton, “Tell us who’s on your team, you fat bastard”, it’s very, very funny. Believe me. It is.

“Serious Learning Difficulties”

Relax – I’m not going to repeat a Frankie Boyle set! Keith, who – clearly much to the frustration of stars like Amy Childs and Joey Essex – claims that TOWIE is wholly scripted (despite him painfully obviously knowing that it’s not). He pulled the whole ‘TOWIE‘s scripted’ trick with Arg on Celebrity Juice this week who – just like his co-stars – defended that it’s not, which then prompted Keith to say that Arg “plays someone who has serious learning difficulties”. It was so unexpected but brilliantly funny. The good thing about Essex stars is that they don’t mind taking the Mick out of themselves so, thankfully, Arg clearly found this funny, too. Phew!


However, my highlight by far this week was Jason Manford’s absolutely excellent ad-lib when the panellists were discussing will.i.am and Cheryl Cole’s recent collision. Then, the subject of The Voice UK was brought up – which was hosted by Juice team captain Holly Willoughby. Jason didn’t miss a trick when he piped up with

“Well it’s not the first car crash he’s been involved in.”

Seriously, if you didn’t see it, check it out here – it’s about 13 mins 25 secs in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm3oYnAkBe0


So there we have it – another great week of Juice. It really does make you wonder how the same man responsible for this could have created that Keith Lemon: The Film


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