‘Trollied’ – Episodes 2.1 & 2.2

After premièring last year as one of the first of Sky1’s home-grown comedies, Trollied, set in Valco: a low-budget supermarket in Warrington, is back for a second run (with  a third and a Christmas special already in the pipeline), starting with a double-bill.


I watched the first series last year and just thought it wasn’t very good – a waste of the talents of its stars Jane Horrocks and Mark Addy, to name just two. However, I then watched some repeats soon afterwards and became a devout fan. It’s brilliant writing from the producer of the brilliant IT Crowd and The Office – Ash Atalla.


Whereas nothing can beat Julie (Horrocks) announcing proudly that she;s “the interim manager) and she “should be respected while she’s interrimming” (to which Andy (Addy) and Kieran (Nick Blood) chortled, “I’m sorry, but did you just say you’re ‘in to rimming?’!”), there were quite a few moments of hilarity within these two half-hour episodes. Here’s just a few of them:

New Manager Lorraine

I loved Gavin, the manager of Valco throughout the first series, but Lorraine (Stephanie Beacham) is just something else! Every other word is “bastard” (“People will walk in, see our new No Nonsense range and think, ‘It’s about bastard time!’!”) and she looks set to ruffle a few feathers, especially with Julie, who had quite a thing for Gavin and doesn’t appear to be keen on Lorraine’s approach. Oh, and I defy anyone to look at her and not be reminded of Hilary Devey off of Dragons’ Den!

Gavin’s Tribute DVD

In pretty much every episode of the first series, we heard of ‘the bakers” antics, from possessing a pornographic calendar to writing something rude in Julie’s birthday card, and this time we actually saw them causing trouble as a DVD containing all of the staff’s filmed tributes for departing manager Gavin – to be shown in front of everyone at a party for him – was replaced with a porn DVD. In fact, I’ve just laughed out loud thinking about it and Julie’s very prudish and embarrassed reaction.

Shitcake Mushrooms

Yes, you read correctly and no, I haven’t made a typo. I have, in fact, quoted the dippy Margaret (Rita May) as she mistook shitake mushrooms to be “shitcake mushrooms”. I actually had to rewind the programme just to hear her say it again. I think my mam and dad got a bit sick of me saying “shitcake mushrooms” and then laughing for the rest of the episode…

Stomach Parasite

Vulgar checkout girl Lisa this week shared with us how she apparently lost a stone in weight when she said brilliantly deadpan, “I ‘ad a stomach parasite last year so I lost a stone…” That is precisely what the character would say! She’s so disgusting and candid that she would have no qualms about shouting that across the store – just as she did. Beverly Rudd plays her brilliantly and I’m sure loves doing so – I know I would with lines like the ones Atalla crafts!


So, two episodes down, another eight to go – and that’s just for this series. For me, the second episode of this series was the best yet, it was just hilarious gag after hilarious gag. Fingers crossed Ash Atalla has maintained this high standard with the remainder of the series.


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