‘The Rob Brydon Show’ – Episode 3.3

The likeable Rob Brydon Show continued this week, with comedienne Sarah Millican, artist Grayson Perry and singer Newton Faulkner joining in the fun.


I thought the guests were quite good this week – they all brought something to the show with Sarah as her usual funny and lovely, albeit rude, self and Grayson providing my biggest laugh of the night when he told an impressed Rob and audience that his artwork could fetch anything near to£100,000 and then said:

“But you’ve got to think I’ve got to pay tax. I know that might be a foreign idea to some comedians…”

Rob and Sarah didn’t seem to be too comfortable with it, though…
The musical guests usually aren’t all that entertaining before their performances but Newton Faulkner actually managed to turn The Rob Brydon Show intoSurprise, Surprise! briefly by singing his hit ‘Dream Catch Me’ to two friends in the audience. When the song ended, the male friend turned to his female companion and asked her to be his girlfriend. Needless to say, she said ‘yes’!


The only complaint I would have about The Rob Brydon Show is that the guests aren’t kept on for long enough to excel. I usually find Sarah Millican absolutely hilarious but last night – whereas I found her funny – I wasn’t in the hysterics which I usually am.
Perhaps the episodes should be extended. An hour would be too long (I’m sure even Rob would run out of questions then!) but certainly an extension to somewhere between forty to fifty minutes would be an improvement.

Next week’s guests are Ronan Keating, Jason Manford and Neil Morrissey. I think Rob will be the only scandal-free man on the sofa!

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