‘Mount Pleasant’ – Episode 2.2

Mount Pleasant – in its new home on Sky Living – continued this week, and it’s still as enjoyable as ever. WARNING – CONTAINS A SPOILER! Just thought I’d let you know…


Within the first ten or fifteen minutes, I was over the moon to see that Bianca’s husband Jim was being given more prominence, after living in her shadow pretty much throughout the first series. It was great to see him actually be at the centre of a storyline for a change. Well…it was until he died half way through the episode! Never mind – at least his funeral provided a few laughs!
It was really lovely to see James Dreyfus as a vicar in this episode, too. Dreyfus genuinely is one of my favourite actors, from one of my favourite sitcoms: Gimme Gimme Gimme. I also think he’s one of the most underrated, both as a comedy and drama actor. He is so synonymous with camp comedy (like in Gimme or The Thin Blue Line) but he is also quite a good straight actor, as proven in Double Time – a criminally forgotten one-off comedy drama from a few years ago. He was as brilliant in Mount Pleasant as he was in the aforementioned programmes and I hope his appearance will open people’s eyes to his talent.


The show is just really well written. Sarah Hooper has hit upon a brilliant niche: a comedy-drama set up north, but not following the predictable ‘grim’ theme. The cast do the script justice, too, with their spot-on performances, therefore making their characters immediately identifiable, loveable and – most importantly of all – believable.

So that’s it! There really isn’t a lot to say about Mount Pleasant. It’s just great, feel-good comedy blended with relatable drama. I wouldn’t say there’s as many laughs in this series but it’s still undoubtedly a joy to watch.

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