‘Gates’ – Episode 1.3

The first episode I practically loathed, the second I disliked less…this week’s Gates, however? Read on…


In this episode, Helen (Joanna Page) and Mark (Tom Ellis) strongly disapproved of their nine-year-old daughter Chloe ‘going out’ with Sam – a boy of the same age who – I have to admit, humorously – collects roadkill. This whole storyline was little more than a dangerous step back to Gates‘ boring absurdity theme, which we were subjected to in the first week.
Add to this the fact that the word ‘CLAM’ kept popping up on walls in the playground and you had what was attempting to be a farcical, entertaining and gripping episode. It transpires that Chloe’s new boyfriend Sam was responsible for the graffiti, by simply merging his and her names together, ‘Brangelina’-style, in a move to prove his love for her. Okay, so we’re really expected to believe that a nine-year-old boy can produce such brilliant artwork as ‘CLAM’ was? Yeah, right!


On a more positive note, I must say that it was really proven in this episode that Mari Ann Bull (who plays Chloe) is an excellent actress. In fact, she reminded me of Romana Marquez, who played Karen in Outnumbered. She really has the cute factor and is actually more convincing than some of the other cast members!

So, in conclusion, after showing signs of promise and possible redemption last week, Gates has sadly slipped back into its old ways. Oh dear!

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