‘A Touch of Cloth’ – Episode 1.2

After I wrote my first A Touch of Cloth review, I read back over it and simply thought it was too short. Yet, everything I wanted to say was included in it! The reason for this was because there really was very little to say about it: it was hilarious, ingenious and that was the end of it, and so it was with the second instalment.


When tonight’s episode began, we as viewers were welcomed to immediately jump back into the priceless gags and clichés which I alluded to in my previous review. These themes continued for the entire hour with line after line and scene after scene of comedy gold, including Avengers-style elaborate high-kicks and far-fetched stunts as well as a purely inspired cameo by Todd Carty as…well…Todd Carty.

The episode as a whole was a perfect successor for the first, having not deteriorate at all in script quality, nor the cast’s performances. It remained as brilliant as the first, as I’m sure every viewer would concur.


I don’t really want to go on too much about it because, firstly, there isn’t much to say – it speaks for itself – and, two, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who still has its delights to discover. In fact, I usually pick out my favourite line from a programme and then quote it when reviewing. There are, however, too many classics in A Touch of Cloth to pick a ‘best one’.

Both of the writers’ contributions are palpable within the show: Cloth is dripping with the wit which Brooker brings to his writing and has wrung all of the ridiculousness out of Daniel Maier, which he used to bring to TV Burp.

For the episodes currently in production, I really hope the pair still have plenty of jokes in their arsenals in order to maintain the high standard set by these two episodes.

Please, if you missed Cloth over the Bank Holiday weekend, I urge you to catch it on Friday, when both episodes will be repeated back-to-back from 10pm. Actually, even if you have already seen them, why not watch them again?

Oh, and sorry for the pathetic Cloth puns!

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