‘A Touch of Cloth’ – Episode 1.1

I always find that it’s far easier to write a review if you hate a programme. Put it this way: this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write.
A Touch of Cloth stars John Hannah as Jack Cloth and Suranne Jones as DCI Ann Oldman (pronounced, as she never tires of pointing out, ‘Old Man’) and is set on the Rundowne Estate, home of Peter Andre House. I don’t wish to state the obvious, but this show doesn’t take itself very seriously. Whether you love or hate the crime genre, you will find A Touch of Cloth hilarious!


Usually comedies take a couple of minutes at least to warm-up and become familiar with its audience but ATOC immediately immersed us into its fabulous mocking of crime dramas.
This episode followed newly acquainted Cloth and Oldman (pronounce it correctly, remember!) investigating the death of a male pensioner who apparently “has never been found dead before”. However, the storyline almost didn’t matter: it was the witty writing which made this show work so bloody well.


There was no subtlety – it was out-and-out funny, fast-paced and packed with gags, reminiscent of Lee Mack’s Not Going Out. This may have been inspired by drama but even the pathos in this episode couldn’t be trusted: it was seldom genuine, merely a set-up for some joke or another.
The script was inspired (who’d have known you could make so many Cloth jokes, eh?) and if I could quote it all here, I would. It was that good.

Roll on tonight’s episode and thank God there’s even more in the pipeline!

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