‘Lemon La Vida Loca’ – Episode 1.4

Leigh Francis’s excellent Lemon La Vida Loca, the mockumentary series depicting fictional character Keith Lemon’s everyday celebrity life, concluded this week with an episode just as hilariously rude and ridiculous as its predecessors.
There’s no point really scrutinising the show – it should just be enjoyed for what it is: brilliant and uniquely hilarious. Therefore, I shall merely offer two of my highlights…


Firstly, following the row in Marbella last week, Keith set off on a promotional tour for Keith Lemon: The Film by himself. To see him out on his own was brilliant – he was just let loose and very cheeky! At the end of the tour, he announced, “[I’m] going back to Rosie now and ‘opefully she’ll ‘ave ‘er arms wide open and anything else she wants to ‘ave wide open.” It’s a phrase I really have overused in the Lemon La Vida Loca reviews but I’ll use it again: that was quintessential Lemon!


One of my other highlights was Keith’s surprise for Rosie, in an attempt to negotiate sex with her, by organising an all-singing, all-dancing shock for her while they were out for a meal and a drink. It was exactly the kind of extravagant thing you could imagine Keith doing, and him joining in with the ‘We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off’ routine was priceless! If the clip isn’t on YouTube, catch it on ITV Player or one of the Lemon La Vida Loca repeats: it’s well worth watching (as is the whole show!).


The whole series was ‘priceless’! It worked extremely well as both a fly-on-the-wall documentary and a comedy. Not many writers or performers can pull that off. There wasn’t one weak episode and it’s such a shame it’s over. However, we needn’t mourn for long. Keith Lemon: The Film was released yesterday (I’m off to see it on Tuesday), Celebrity Juice returns on Thursday with The Film stars Ronan Keating and Kelly Brooke, which is followed by a marathon of Lemon La Vida Loca which will see the whole of this series broadcast. ‘Keith’s’ autobiography Being Keith is released later this year and LLVL is back at Christmas for a special. So, Keith’s not over by any means but – for the time being – Lemon La Vida Loca sadly is.

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