‘Mount Pleasant’ – Episode 2.1

This week, on Twitter, I described Mount Pleasant as “my favourite show of 2011” and it really was: brilliantly down-to-earth and real, as well as absolutely hilarious! Apparently the show’s creator wrote it in order to prove it’s not always ‘grim up North’ and she invariably succeeds.


All of the characters are rounded and relatable to the audience. Every one of them is loveable yet not without their flaws.
The first series was very successful, having bucked the trend which comedies normally follow of shedding viewers as the series progresses. Mount Pleasant instead gained viewers throughout its run, something almost unheard of but recently achieved by Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education.
Just like Lemon La Vida Loca, Mount Pleasant needn’t be scrutinised: just enjoyed for the fabulous blend of comedy and drama it provides.


One of the continued highlights of Mount Pleasant is seeing Sian Reeves deliver a pricelessly tarty performance. I wasn’t a fan of Sian before this show (I didn’t care much for her in the Northern Lights franchise or Emmerdale) but she excels in here. Hilarious.


Judging from this first episode, I can see that this second series shows much promise. Now that the flighty Denise has given birth to baby Joshua, the plot between her and the child’s father, Fergus, will undoubtedly intensify – and it was already intense!
I really hope Pauline’s storyline continues, too, as it has somewhat intrigued me. She appears to be in financial trouble and I am guessing her daughter-in-law Lisa and son Dan are going to be dragged into it somehow…

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