‘The Rob Brydon Show’ – Episode 3.2

Rob’s guests this week included Carry On and EastEnders legend Barbara Windsor, experimental chef Heston Blumenthal and band The Overtones.


Once again, The Rob Brydon Show entertained me, but didn’t blow me away. The host’s interaction with the audience is always one of the highlights, however, and this week he spoke to Pete, who is the Chairman of the British Tarantula Society. The chat could have been quite forgettable if it wasn’t for Pete recalling his honeymoon when he saw a tarantula on the bathroom floor: “Just as I walked into the room, there was a nice big tarantula sitting on the floor. Bonus.” Rob, quick as a flash, did exactly as we all expected him to do and said, “Well I knew you were pleased to see it, but not that happy!” That is why Rob excels with audience participation.


Barbara Windsor was much better than I expected, too. Hearing her use such words as “wank” and “blow job” was hilarious – I didn’t see that coming…if you’ll pardon the pun.
On a more serious note, it really was refreshing to hear Barbara speak of always being polite and patient for fans, willing to take time out to sign autographs and pose for photographs, as well as being punctual for jobs. I want to get into the business of acting or scriptwriting and have had it instilled in me right from the moment that I expressed an interest from a very young age that this is the way to behave. In fact, that’s true not just in show business but in all walks of life.


Plus, Rob’s barbecuing lecture to Heston was fantastic, as he desperately tried to ‘get one up’ on the chef by trying to prove he knew more about barbecues than him. It was full of the anger, frustration and outrage Rob often displays on Would I Lie To You, particularly when talking to Lee Mack.

So, I haven’t any real qualms about The Rob Brydon Show this week – I never do, to be honest. It’s a nice little show, and I think I speak on the behalf of everyone when I say that I don’t miss the stand-up section.

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