‘I’m Spazticus’ – Episode 1.4

After four nights of causing controversy and offence but undoubtedly entertaining, I’m Spazticus finished its run tonight and it was much like it has been for the past three: peppered with humour, but mainly heaped with damp squibs.


The ‘victim discomfort’ was particularly funny tonight, both in the ‘Police Parade’ and the ‘Blind Date’ sketches. In the former, a woman had to bend down in a police parade in order to ‘blend in’ with the other participants – three dwarves. To top it all, she was all but forced to deliver the line, “Why do you put your pornography so high on the shelf?” That was actually really funny. Elsewhere, a blind man went to a restaurant and told his waiter – Sean – that he was expecting a blind date to turn up. If the date was attractive, Tim (the blind man) told Sean, he should recommend the Chef’s Special, otherwise he must recommend the pork. Put it this way: there’s no way Sean could have recommended the Chef’s Special.


That’s all that I found funny about I’m Spazticus tonight, unfortunately. I think the problem with this series has been that a lot of the sketches became repetitive and predictable – ‘Dwarf Punch Sandwich’ and ‘Talking Guide Dog’ spring to mind. There really was a sense that once you’d seen them once, you’d seen them a hundred times. There was simply next-to-no variation between one instalment and then the other, it’s a case it déjà vu a lot of the time.

Whether I’m Spazticus will get a second outing on Channel 4, I have no idea. Personally, I wouldn’t be bothered either way. If it returned, I’d watch it but if it didn’t, I wouldn’t mourn it. Still, it’s got people talking!

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