‘I’m Spazticus’ – Episode 1.3

Love it or loathe it, I’m Spazticus has people talking. Those who love it, I’m finding, do so simply because they find it funny – it has nothing to do with the disability aspect for them, I think. However, those who loathe it are tending to find it offensive and unfunny. I don’t love it, I wouldn’t even say I particularly like it, but I no longer loathe it either.


There were two sketches in particular last night which I found very funny. Firstly, there was the opening one which saw Max, the dwarf, back in his role as a guard standing outside a public toilet, preventing people from going in. It wasn’t the sketch itself which I liked, there was just something funny about him standing there and declaring to a woman he was refusing access, “It’s a bit of a humdinger.” No? Is it just me that found that funny? Oh well.

My favourite sketch of the episode and indeed the series as a whole, without a shadow of a doubt, was a trailer for a Channel 4 documentary following a dwarf called Tanya Lee Jones who was looking for love. We saw clips of her telling bemused men about her pole dancing and, best of all, “I don’t shave down there ‘cos that makes me look legal.” However, the punchline and the one thing from I’m Spazticus which has genuinely made me laugh out loud was the title, revealed at the end of the trailer: Midget Jones’s Diary. Just inspired.


I suppose once we’ve got over whether I’m Spazticus is offensive or not (I’ve decided that it’s not), the next question is, is it funny? Well…no. Apart from a couple of sketches in each episode, I haven’t found much to laugh at in this show. True, there are some skits which don’t have strong premises, and there are others which do…but aren’t executed well, therefore leaving their potential unfortunately unfulfilled.


I can’t help thinking that I’m Spazticus might work better as a sketch show rather than a ‘hidden-camera’ one. After all, it is the sketches which I think mainly work best: the ‘Fenton!’ one which I mentioned in my last review and the spoof of the Class sketch from The Frost Report were great and don’t use hidden-cameras.

If I’m Spazticus continues after tonight’s final episode – which I doubt it will – it should really concentrate more on scripted sketches than improvised hidden-camera pranks.

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