‘Lemon La Vida Loca’ – Episode 1.3

ITV2 aired the penultimate episode of Lemon La Vida Loca on Thursday. Anyone who has read any of the two previous reviews of this show will know that I adore it – and I’m pleased to say nothing has changed.


It still is very much quintessential Lemon! The scene in which Rosie was in the bath and Keith intruded so that he could go to the toilet (yes, it was as bad as you’re thinking), insisting that the camera crew follow him (otherwise “it wouldn’t be reality”) was rude and shocking, just like the man himself. In fact, Keith’s whole relationship with on-screen girlfriend Rosie sums him up – there’s the sense that he is only using her as a ‘trophy girlfriend’ and loves the cameras and attention more than her does Rosie. It epitomises how self-centred and conceited Leigh Francis’s alter-ego is and I love it!
The scene where Keith and Rosie scrutinised other male celebrity calendars for inspiration for his own Marbella calendar shoot was great – so well written. You could actually imagine Keith speaking like that about the pictures…if he was real, of course.


The highlight this week, however, was Keith “creating drama” for the cameras by orchestrating an argument with Rosie during which he accused her of “putting on a bit of timber” (Lemonian for “gaining some weight”). Once again, it emphasised how desperate Keith is to get attention and create entertainment, rather than depict reality but it also gave the viewer the chance to feel sympathy for Rosie – if they haven’t done so already – yet still have a love for Keith and find him hilarious. Brilliant.


It was also great this week to see a softer side to Lemon La Vida Loca and that Rosie is human and simply wants to stop Keith’s wandering eyes. It would have been so easy for Francis and co. to depict Lemon’s life as idyllic, with him doing what he wanted with whomever he wanted and Rosie not minding (or perhaps even joining in!), because this is palpably what Keith would perceive to be ideal. What has been created, though is far more entertaining than this would have been and solidifies the point I made in another review that Laura Aikman plays Rosie excellently. This softer side to Lemon La Vida Loca came about through the last ten/fifteen minutes of the episode, in a sequence I will just call “I love you”. To explain it briefly, Rosie and Keith were getting quite sentimental, with the former saying to the latter those three words…only for Keith to hesitate before replying “I like you too”. Obviously, Rosie took umbrage with this and a perfectly acted, written and wholly believable argument between the couple ensued, resulting in Rosie throwing Keith out. The awkwardness of the silence and the conflicting personalities in the argument was so reminiscent of The Office, but that’s no criticism: The Office was sublime, cringeworthy and – most importantly – very funny. That’s what this scene was and that’s why this scene stood out from the whole forty-five minute episode.

The final episode of Lemon La Vida Loca is on at the same time (10:00pm) on ITV2 on Thursday, just in time for the release of Keith Lemon: The Film on Friday – please watch the trailer: it’s fantastic! Also, ‘Keith’ announced on Let’s Do Lunch With Gino and Mel yesterday that there are plans to do a Lemon La Vida Loca Christmas special! Roll on December…and Thursday.

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