‘The Rob Brydon Show’ – Episode 3.1

Rob Brydon returned to BBC2 tonight with his chat show – the imaginatively titled The Rob Brydon Show. The past two series have been good, but not outstanding so I’m fairly surprised each time I read that it has been recommissioned. Having said that, I must admit that I find Rob’s interview style refreshing. I wouldn’t say he’s the next Parky or even Norton but his technique is very laid-back and relaxed: he’s quite happy to just sit and let his guests do the talking. This was a blessing with his first guest, Michael McIntyre, but an absolute curse with his second, Alex James.


McIntyre is always a gem on chat shows (despite previously stating that he’s not interested in hosting one himself. Shame.) and his appearance on tonight’s The Rob Brydon Show was no exception! I laughed so much from the beginning of his interview to the end – it’s quickly becoming a cliché to dub Michael the King of Comedy but I genuinely think it’s true. His impression of Grace Jones at June’s Jubilee Concert (although I’ve seen Dara O Briain do a similar impersonation on Mock The Week) was hilarious, and his story of checking into a hotel for a foreign receptionist to ask him “You want wanky?” was my highlight of the show, and you could tell that it was probably Rob’s too. Because, you see, without McIntyre, I don’t think this show kicking off the third series would have been up to much. Michael provided the biggest laughs of the night and without him, we would only have had Amy Macdonald (lovely as she is (and lovely as her acoustic version of Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’ was) she wasn’t there to provide humour, was she?) and Alex James. Bloody Alex James.


Real, real credit to Rob Brydon for managing to inject all the humour he could into what – if it had been left to James – would have been a very dull and boring interview. Believe it or not, Alex, discussing your collection of meteorites and giving us a brief history of them isn’t comedy gold and wasn’t suited at all to The Rob Brydon Show, and wouldn’t have been to any chat programme, whether it be a comedy show or not. Even Wogan would have looked as bored as Michael McIntyre did sitting on that sofa! I’ve never really been a fan of Alex James and I have to say that his lecture about meteorites hasn’t endeared me to him any more.

Next week, Rob is joined by EastEnders and Carry On legend Barbara Windsor, and I have a feeling she could be next week’s answer to Michael McIntyre!

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