‘Mad Mad World’ – Episode 1.7

It’s finally been and gone – the first (and I think it’s safe to say only) series of Mad Mad World. My previous reviews have been quite uncomplimentary and this one isn’t much better, despite me deciding that this was probably the strongest episode of the series…although that isn’t necessarily something to be proud of. The first round of tonight’s show was described by host Paddy McGuinness as the round “Where we dip our TV nuggets into a sweet-and-sour sauce of top telly.” It’s a shame that this series was mainly “sour” and most certainly was not “top telly”.


I’m going to put my neck on the line and say that if you were in the audience of Mad Mad World, it may be at least have been an amusing experience but unfortunately I just didn’t feel that that was conveyed well to the viewers at home (yes, you read right: rightly or wrongly, I used the word “viewers”. Plural.). It really was a sad state of affairs when team captain Rufus Hound actually felt the need to start a chant of his own name after a pretty lame Celine Dione joke. On a more positive note, Rufus’s new film The Wedding Video is released on Friday and it looks quite funny (also starring Peep Show‘s Robert Webb and Vexed‘s original female star Lucy Punch). Fingers crossed the film manages to divert fans’ attentions away from Mad Mad World, although I think anything would do that right now – if fans even paid attention to it in the first place, that is! However, I did say that this was probably my favourite episode from the series and, for me, the reason can be summed up in two words: Louie Spence.


Yes, unsurprisingly it was Spence who salvaged this sinking ship this week…and that’s not easy for him to say (he struggled with “Mississippi”!). Louie, refreshingly, isn’t scared to mock himself or to allow others to do it for him and his camp humour is always a winner with most of the British public. Part of this campiness, of course, is his inability to remain seated for more than two minutes. Regardless of which show he is on – be it 8 Out of 10 Cats, The Jonathan Ross Show or even Would I Lie To You?, he has to get up and expose his arson (no pun intended) of impressive dance moves…and tonight’s Mad Mad World was no exception for he had no hesitations about getting up on his feet and showing Dancing With The Stars flop David Hasselhoff how it’s done. And how it was funny to see ‘The Hoff’ being hassled to copy Louie’s thrusts and gyrations! Along with the America’s Got Talent clip (in which an auditionee – also strutting his stuff – tumbled from the stage in front of a shocked Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and…the other guy), this was my highlight of this week’s episode!


So, there we go – ITV must have been in a Mad Mad World of their own for commissioning it but Mad Mad World has come to an end and I hate to point out another blunder in the show but I feel duty bound to do so. A slight inaccuracy from McGuinness this week when announcing the scores: “Rufus’s team are going down under while Rhys’s team are merely going down.” In fact, Paddy, I think you’ll find that everyone involved in Mad Mad World is “going down”…to the job centre as after seeing this show, I doubt any producer will ever employ them again! Now, out of respect for everyone on the show – both in front of the camera and behind it – let’s never mention this series again.

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