‘The Angelos Epithemiou Show’ – Episode 1.5

Have you watched The Angelos Epithemiou Show yet? What’s that? “No”? WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR FRIDAY NIGHTS? (It’s not as if there’s anything on BBC1 at the minute!)


Most of the fans of this show will still be in mourning over the cruel axing of madcap panel show Shooting Stars, on which Angelos (portrayed by Dan Renton Skinner) was a regular. Therefore, fans of Shooting Stars are likely to love The Angelos Epithemiou Show, not only because of its host but because of its humour – it is very, very similar to that of SS – it’s zany, random, bizzarre…in fact, just grab yourself a thesaurus and enter any variations just before the ellipsis: it’s guaranteed to suit. However, I really believe the key to the success of this show is that anyone can love it – regardless of whether you’ve seen SS before or not, you can still marvel at the complete randomness and genius of Dan Skinner’s comic creation. I like to think of it as a party: and Angelos is the host.


The only real criticism I unfortunately have with The Angelos Epithemiou Show – and it pains me to say it – is the host’s sidekick, Gupta. I genuinely believe that the show could work just as well without him. I can’t even really summarise his role on the programme, he just seems a bit of a damp squib. The only saving grace with his involvement in the show is that his own sketches allow us to see exactly how brilliantly versatile an actor Dan Skinner is: out of the Epithemiou guise he is practically unrecognisable, both in voice and appearance. That is the mark of a great performer.


Anyway, now it’s time to focus on this week’s episode. The Dragons’ Den skit at the beginning of the show was inspired and treated the audience to another performance of Skinner’s impressive Duncan Bannatyne impression (first showcased on Shooting Stars and reprised on last week’s Angelos Epithemiou Show). And then we move on to the main feature and my highlight: the interview.


This week, Angelos’s guest was Dragon Theo Pathitis. The chat included questions which were just quintessential Epithemiou and if I could quote the whole interview here, I would as every single question was comedy gold. To make reference once again to the familiarity this show offers with Shooting Stars fans, the ‘Quickfire Questions’ at the end of each episode’s interview is reminiscent of the ‘Quickfire Round’ at the end of each Shooting Stars show – both in format and zaniness. It really does give SS fans that familiarity without seeming like a ‘rip-off’, which is paramount.


Another feature which has remained from Shooting Stars is ‘What’s in Your Bag, Angelos?’ (which I was very pleased was also included in Dan Skinner’s tour as Angelos last year, Angelos Epithemiou and Friends). It was probably my favourite feature of Shooting Stars and every week, I find myself singing along with the audience. If you don’t know the song, I would do it the injustice of writing it hear: just search for it on YouTube. I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do!


A strong theme in this episode (and in previous ones) was slapstick, which I think is another reason why this show is proving such a hit with those who have actually discovered it. Of course, slapstick is really popular with audiences at the moment with it being brought back to prominence by the hilarious Miranda and Mrs. Brown’s Boys and the very fact that Dan Skinner has honed in on this shows that he really is one to watch where comedy is concerned!


There were two great highlights for me this week, and both of them sublime one-liners from Angelos himself. When talking to his musical guests – the great Cover Drive – he said, “Your music is described as ‘hook-laden’. Is that because it’s produced by Abu Hamza?”. If that hasn’t at the very least made you titter, what is wrong with you? But, by far my favourite quote from this episode, this series and probably even this week of TV (yes, it’s better than Keith Lemon’s offerings!) is where I shall end my review. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter – @UKTVReviewer. If this doesn’t make you laugh, you officially have no sense of humour:

I don’t need a bloody wardrobe: I stick everything in the oven.

Thank you, Mr. Epithemiou.


One thought on “‘The Angelos Epithemiou Show’ – Episode 1.5

  1. ethendras says:

    Absolutely no way is Gupta the damp squib! He’s a brilliant character and suits the programme down to a tee. I’m so surprised you think that. Adeel Akhtar (Gupta) delivers the lines so well (just for shits n giggles innit – the pure fuckoffeddness of it all). Class!

    I agree though the series has been great and a must see. Top post.

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