‘Lemon La Vida Loca’ – Episode 1.2

Last week I wrote my first review about this brand new series from Leigh Francis’s cult (that’s cult) comic creation, Keith Lemon. When I sat down to watch it last week, I would say about three quarters of me wanted to love the series and for it to be a welcome contribution to the ever-expanding Francis Franchise whereas the other twenty five per cent wanted to be able to get on this blog and slate it, reporting that Lemon has lost his magic and the series looks to be utterly boring. Fortunately, however, I absolutely love it and cannot praise it enough!


It’s simply inspired and weirdly believable – it must be at least partly scripted but it exudes the impression that it is purely ad-libbed, and ad-libbed is of course what a true fly-on-the-wall reality series should be. Francis allows fans to escape into the truly wacky, outrageous and star-studded life of Mr. Keith Lemon and provides us all with forty-five minutes worth of quality entertainment!


I feel I said everything about the Celebrity Juice legacy and how surprisingly good a follow-up Lemon La Vida Loca is last week, so I won’t repeat myself. However, having said all of this last week did leave me with very few notes with which to construct my review of this week’s installment. Therefore, I have simply picked out my three favourite moments from this week:
1. Keith calling a car “an automotovehicle”. Simple, swift and side-splitting.
2. The preview from Keith Lemon: The Film involving Keith and Kelly Brooke in a restaurant having a ‘flirt-off’. It made me even more sure that the movie will not disappoint!
3. Keith introducing Blue’s Antony Costa as “Antony Costco” – need I say more?


Another thing which I think it’s just excellent about Lemon La Vida Loca is the casting of Laura Aikman as Rosie – the title character’s long-suffering girlfriend. She is playing the role just perfectly at the moment and is actually really, really authentic as her. For proof of this, look no further than the jealousy storyline, in which Rosie is (quite understandably) frustrated with Keith for allowing women such as Fearne Cotton and Jenny Powell (genius) to show him so much affection. This plot could really become something and I am overjoyed that Aikman is also playing Rosie in the aforementioned Keith Lemon: The Film – a brilliant actress.

Another review of Lemon La Vida Loca next week! Fingers crossed I can remain so complimentary!

Oh, and huge congratulations to Fearne Cotton! X (Not that she’ll read this…)


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