‘Mad Mad World’ – Episode 1.6

Last week I wrote my first – and admittedly quite uncomplimentary – review of Paddy McGuinness’s new venture, Mad Mad Word (I can only imagine the title came from what host Paddy uttered when he found out it been commissioned).


I also expressed my concern about the poor guest bookings on the series but this week, however, I began watching without much worry for joining regulars Paddy, Rufus Hound, Rhys Darby and Rob Rouse in this edition were TV favourite Eamonn Holmes, the ever-popular Stacey Solomon and comedian Stephen K Amos. Eamonn often takes a while to fully ‘get into the swing of things’ on such shows – but does eventually and Stacey Solomon is always entertaining, I find (her prudery and embarrassment about all things rude on other shows such as Celebrity Juice and last year’s criminally over-looked Sky1 panel show Wall of Fame are priceless). I tend not to find Stephen K Amos (who for some reason is having his autobiography published this year…) brilliantly funny but I will admit he has his moments. In summary, the guest list this week made the show seem promising and perhaps even be the best episode of the series yet. Did it deliver? No. Not at all.


As with all comedy panel shows which integrate video clips, around 95% of the hilarity should come from the contributors in the studio and the remaining 5% can simply be drawn from those clips. However, in Mad Mad World, only 5% is from the panellists and 95% is from the clips…and to call it hilarity would be such an overstatement I don’t think I would ever be allowed to write reviews again! Nevertheless, the stars of the show are undoubtedly the clips shown (at least they’re extracting humour from somewhere!). Last week, my highlight was most definitely the Japanese ‘I have a bad case of diarrhoea’ VT (if you still haven’t looked that up on YouTube, I urge you to do it – it isn’t half as bad as it sounds!) but this week even the clips didn’t really manage to salvage the show as we saw a bonkers Aussie impersonating a vicious dog during a news interview and an eco-warrior from Prague attacking someone in the park with dog faeces. He might as well have saved himself the bother and just thrown a tape of Mad Mad World – the effect would have been the same!


So, why do I persist in joining Paddy and co. every Saturday night when I could be watching something far better? I was asking myself pretty much the same thing tonight. The only answer I can think of is that I tune in every week in the vain hope that we might be presented with a guest who actually injects some genuine amusement into the proceedings. Joe Swash came pretty close last week (I think it’s fair to say that he’s up there with unlikely contender Martin Kemp as the best booking of the series) and if I had to pick someone, I would say Stacey Solomon was the funniest panellist this week as Paddy McGuinness asked her “What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever drunk?” and she replied “Don’t really like full-fat milk…”. And THAT is why the nation loves Stacey.


I find myself spending the whole forty minutes of each episode wishing it to improve but when the credits role and the closing music kicks in (which wasn’t even accompanied by applause from the studio audience this week, I noticed – ITV must have ran out of money to bribe them with), I merely feel disappointed and think, ‘Oh…it didn’t improve.’ That’s the problem and that’s why I get quite frustrated with this programme – every week there is at least one guest who has the potential to steal the show and make valuable, memorable contributions but they never seem to shine! I’m sure the show could be a Saturday night hit for ITV but it’s nowhere near at the moment and it has just thrown away its opportunity to do that, unless the channel take the plunge and recommission it for a second series, which I think looks quite unlikely at the moment.


Anyway, it’s the last episode next week and the line-up looks quite good – David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff, Coleen Nolan (who I don’t think I’ve ever seen on a comedy panel show before but if she’s anything like she was on Loose Women and This Morning, she should be fine) and the irrepressible Louie Spence are the guests. With that trio, it should be a good one…although that’s what I thought this week…


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    Thanks a lot! I love this log.

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